About me

Who Am I?

I am a tech entrepreneur and passionate about developing high quality technology solutions to improve quality of life in the Caribbean and the developing world. I have a personal mission to always leave a positive impact on those I meet directly and indirectly.

My Background

I've always enjoyed the process of bringing an idea from concept to reality which has led me to creating visual arts, electronic circuits and more recently, computer software. I am particularly obsessed with ideas that can empower people to live better lives.

I started my professional career as a trained electrical engineer for seven years however I was unable to resist the urge to transition to the fast-paced software industry where it is possible to immediately observe the positive impact of a technology creation on the lives of others

What I'm currently working on

I am currently developing custom business software at Webstart and Carepoint.co, a healthtech startup helping doctors to provide remote care to patients inbetween visits. I previously worked as an electrical engineer at Barbados Light and Power and has won regional and international awards for his innovations.

In my spare time, I give back by mentoring the next generation of software developers within the nascent developer community Barcode based in Barbados